Sundays forecast and week ahead outlook 13th November 2021

Good evening Western Isles on this Friday evening we are seeing a mainly overcast evening with some rain moving over South Uist and Barra. Winds under 20 mph and today’s high so far of 11.3C

The rest of this evening will see further rain moving across the Western isles. Most places will see rain by the end of the day and becoming heavy in places.

This is a recent radar view

Overnight – The heaviest of the rain is expected to clear away for most. We are going to see an overcast night with some clear spells. Light rain and drizzle for many. A warm front moves across the islands during this evening and overnight we will between the warm and cold front. It will be a mild night. Winds gusting 30 to 40 mph for most. Overnight low of 9C

Surface pressure - Forecast chart

This is the midnight ( Sunday) surface pressure chart from the Met Office

Sunday – Moving into the day time on Sunday and the warm front above will clear the islands and behind it the cold front will bring spells of rain across the islands which will be heavy at times. The 24 hour rainfall totals from the computer models the GFS and EC suggesting in the region of 15 to 20 mm of rainfall for most parts of Harris, South and North Uist, Benbecula and Barra. Lewis more in the region of 8 to 15 mm.

The rain will push in during the morning light with drizzle but becoming heavier as the morning progresses. Further rain again heavy at times for the afternoon and evening. Staying mainly overcast but with some lighter rain and drier interludes at times. Winds will increase during Saturday evening and will stay gusting around 20 to 40 mph during the night and into the morning and afternoon but gradually easing down under 20 mph to end the day. There is a chance some gusts could reach 50 mph for a time during the late morning. The chart below shows this. Winds will be from the South and South West. Temps of 6C to 12C

Image – Met Office UKV model 03z run.

3 day outlook

Monday – The rain finally clears away. We are going to see a morning of sunshine and cloud. But the cloud will build in once again going into the evening. Winds will be under 20 mph to start the day but gusting 40 mph to end the day.

Tuesday – Another day and another cold front passes across the Western isles with further rounds of heavy rain and winds once again gusting 40 to possibly 50 mph.

Wednesday – We enter a sqaully showery regime at least for the first part of the day and some of these showers could be wintry at times. Another day with winds gusting 40 mph.

Outlook – The showery regime looks set to contiune with further spells of blustery winds to end the week and move into the weekend.

Sunrise and Sunset Sunday

Stornoway – 08:11 and 16:08

South Uist – 08:10 and 16:17

Thanks for reading any feedback is welcome.

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