White Christmas forecast 2021 for the Western Isles. Number 2.

Hello and welcome to the second of our White Christmas forecast for 2020 for the Western Isles. So we are still in the very long range. Over 500 hours or in easier terms 3 weeks today till Christmas. We are still looking for trends at this stage. But come next Tuesday when the 3rd forecast is posted the models slowly come into range the GFS will be the first one and from that, we can start to have more of an idea if we are going to see snow.

It is worth keeping in mind that most of the snow photos used in these updates are taken from across the years as we don’t have that many white Christmases in the Western Isles.

Lower bayble taken by Ed Lewis

May be an image of nature

So in the current timeframe things are unsettled and wet and windy for the next with some wintry showers at times. Heading towards the middle part of the month and the signals are that things will become milder for a time with temps heading back towards double figures. Too much uncertainty and too far out to know with accuracy for Christmas week.

Upper Coll taken by Sharon Bland

May be an image of bird and nature

So at this stage, I am sticking with the

50% chance of a White Christmas 2021

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