White Christmas forecast 2021 for the Western Isles. Number 3.

Hello and welcome to the 3rd White Christmas forecast. We are now coming to the GFS time frame for Christmas Eve and tomorrow will show Christmas Day. So we are still looking at trends. Christmas is still over 2 weeks away. The GFS which is the Global Forecasting System based in the USA and the model runs come out 4 times a day. These times are 00Z, 06z, 12z and 18z.

Photo taken in Gress by Jade Starmore

So hows is it looking?

So the long range models are suggesting cold air across the UK with high pressure over most of the UK with a chance of an area low pressure moving in with the cold air we could defiantly see some wintry showers on Christmas day. All the model runs for that week are showing colder air. Lots of uncertainty as yet next update will be towards the end of the week of Christmas.

Aird Tong – Penny Wale

So based on the latest model run information and the trend at this stage I am going to go for a 70% chance of Western Isles White Christmas.

Stornoway – Elidh Grant

May be an image of sky and nature

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