White Christmas forecast 2021 for the Western Isles. Number 5.

So Christmas is coming round really fast a week on Saturday. Isn’t something I am totally ready for yet but excited for it. The two major models are both in view for Christmas now. So in this blog, we take a look at both the GFS and EC model runs.

Bernera – Ed Lewis

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So the GFS has high pressure dominating for the rest of this week and into next week but a breakdown mid week with Atlantic weather systems moving in. Currently, we have milder air across the UK but conditions will turn colder as we go into next week. When the weather systems move in off the Atlantic towards the end of the week we could see some sleet and snow falling across parts of the UK and even for us in the Western Isles. This mornings model run of the EC is very much on board with winter showers and sleet and snow showers. Some of the earlier GFS models had more of a rain mix so very much worth keeping an eye on to see how things evolve in the coming days.

Shared to us by Caroline Maciver

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So at this stage based on the latest information going for an 85% Western Isles which Christmas 2021. I would say at this stage a lot can and will change in 10 days. Snow falling is all it takes for it to be a White Christmas.

Tolsta Chaolais – Paul Chamberlin

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