White Christmas forecast 2021 for the Western Isles. Number 6

It’s now a week till Christmas. We are slowly coming into a more accurate time frame for the big day. Things will still change between now and then. In this blog, we will be taking a look at the GFS ( Global Forecasting System and ECMWF ( The European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts ).

Our first wintry photo comes from Hayley McLay – Strombane Lochmaddy

There is good model agreement between both the GFS and EC with the risk of snow showers on Christmas day. High pressure dominated until Thursday turning colder in next weekend with wintry showers during Christmas Day.

Below is the 06z model run from the GFS showing the snow showers.

and the 00Z from the EC also showing snow showers

We are seeing a strong trend of colder weather and wintry showers for Christmas day. The above images can be found here https://www.wxcharts.com/

Our final wintry photo of Stornoway taken by Catherine Kennedy

So at this stage based on the latest information, I am going for an 85% Western Isles White Christmas 2021.

Thanks for reading next update on Sunday.

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