White Christmas forecast 2021 for the Western Isles. Number 7

So 24 hours on from my last update and we have your latest white Christmas forecast. We are now 6 days from the big day. Things will slowly start moving into a more reliable timeframe for forecasts for the big day. There has been a lot of changes in the forecast models for next weekend. So lets take a look at what the latest is.

Image of Stornoway Castle ground taken by Eric Macmillan in 2013

No photo description available.

So firstly the GFS continues to highlight cold air across the Western Isles for Christmas Day. The last 3 model runs the 18Z last night, the 00 and 06z today also show wintry showers across the Western Isles with sleet and snow. The GFS is very much indicating a deep area of low pressure moving across the UK and as it hits the cold air across the UK could bring heavy snow to parts of the UK. The cold air is expected to move across Scotland on Christmas Eve.

the above is 06z from the GFS

The EC is also showing the same with wintry showers and snow moving across the Western isles on Christmas day. Both the 00Z run this morning and the 12Z run. The EC brings the colder air across Scotland on Wednesday.

The 00z model from the EC.

This tweet from the Met Office highlights the colder air moving in for later in the week

Stornoway Coastguard Helicopter taken by Jason Spinks

No photo description available.

So at this stage based on the latest information, I am going for a 90% Western Isles White Christmas 2021.

Thanks for reading the next update on Monday

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