White Christmas forecast 2021 for the Western Isles.

Hello and welcome to the 9th and final white Christmas forecast for 2021. Thank you for following all these updates and hopefully gives you an idea of the long range forecast challenges. Especially when it comes to snow.

The featured photo comes from Colin Cameron photography in 2017

The bad news is that if you want a white Christmas that chance has now slipped to pretty much zero less than 5% chance. But on the good news front, we should see a fairly nice day with some decent and prolonged sunshine. Brisk winds from the East will keep things on the cooler side. All the models are on board with this as being the outcome for tomorrows weather. Not quite the snow we were hoping for but much better than heavy rain and gales.

Callanish Stones taken by Jessica Crossley

No photo description available.

So at this stage based on the latest information, I am going for less than 5% Western Isles White Christmas 2021.

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