Weather Watch 28th December 2021

Hello and welcome to our brand new weather blog post. I have made some adjustments to how I do the weather watch blogs. In each update, I will be taking a look at different weather events. These could be locally here in the Western Isles, across the rest of the UK and even around the world.


Our first stop takes us to Stornoway. On the 27th Stornoway was the Wettest place in the UK with 13.4 mm of rain

The majority of the rain fell in the early hours, thanks to roost weather for the graphic

North America and Japan

Next there have been some extreme temperature contrasts in North America and Japan in the last few days have brought heavy snow

British Colombia has seen a 75-degree temperature change difference this year

Indonesia and this is one lucky man who was struck by lightning and was fine apart from burns on hands

Thanks for reading plenty to keep an eye on with the weather in the coming week. A chance of some records being broken in parts of Europe for December high temperatures. There is a chance of a Tornado outbreak in the next couple of days in the USA.

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