A message from Western Isles Weather

I forgot in the chaos that was the stormy weather today. I forgot to wish everyone a Happy New Year and thank you for all support and weather reports over the last year. Western isles weather is what it is today thanks to you guys.

You may notice some small changes in 2022. I’ve realised I’ve been doing a little too much especially when blogging and at times felt fatigued by doing forecasting something that I only used to get when doing severe weather days like today. Today wasn’t too bad as there wasn’t 4 or 5 days of build up.

I love talking about the weather, writing and forecasting it. But the forecasting and actual life balance has been a little off. When this is purely just a hobby and something I do in my spare time. I’ve been doing this almost every single for 10 years. I was out of work for a small period of time last year and did a lot more blogging and have kept that same level up since then apart from slowing it down recently. I also have in the past placed too much pressure on myself on getting blogs and forecasts done.

So what will change? I still intend to do most days two forecasts a day in the morning and evening. I have an will be cutting back on blogs but I will still be doing my severe weather coverage as that can be a lot of fun even if it’s a little challenging with modal data changing so much. If there are periods of time where the weather becomes calmer for a few days I may take some time off to recharge.

I’ve got to remember I am doing this for free and doing it because I love doing it. It is just one person doing it. It’s more expectation from myself rather than anyone else as you guys are amazing. Forecasting can at times be very time consuming especially if you’re doing longer range forecasts.

I feel better for writing this down. Thank you for what I hope will be understanding. Please keep your reports, pictures and videos coming in. I totally love doing these forecasts and don’t want to stop so this is why I am implementing the above. I still remember two lovely bits of feedback that I got about Western isles weather. One was from someone saying that I had “saved” their Christmas by telling them the best day to travel so they could get back to the mainland. The other person told me how much my forecasts helped them to have a perfect holiday as the weather did exactly what I said it would do.

Anyway enough rambling from my thank you for reading. 🙂

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