Where did the sun go?

Good evening all its been a dull month across our islands. There is no signs of much sunshine across the next 9 days. We only have one sunshine recording Met Office station in the Western isles this is based at Stornoway Airport and it is well below the long term average for sunshine for January.

January is one of the dullest months of the year. A combination of lack of daylight hours and plenty of cloud.

So far the sunniest day has generated just 2 hours of sunshine with 9.4 hours for the entire month to date. This is just 28% of the long term average

2010 was the sunniest January in the last 20 years with 49.1 hours of sunshine.

2020 was another dull January with just 12.8 hours of sunshine. The dullest since records began in the 30s

More from starlings roost weather here http://starlingsroost.ddns.net/weather/ukclimate/map.php?code=Stor15

December was another dull month

A map of the UK showing below average sunshine duration for December for much of the UK.

and October

Autumn as a whole was very dull

Map showing near-average sunshine hours in the south for Autumn in the UK, but duller-than-average in the northwest of the UK.

It’s making me long for July which was well above the long term average.

A map of the UK showing average sunshine duration for regions versus the long term average. The map shows many western areas had above average hours of sunshine in the month, especially western Scotland. Eastern areas have closer to average sunshine hours.

So what has caused this dull weather? It has been a very settled few months with high pressure dominating. This tends to bring more in the way of stubborn to clear cloud.

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