Western Isles Weather presents talking tropics 24th January 2022

Hello and welcome to a blog where I talk about my passion for tropical weather which includes hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons from any basin in the world. Please note that this blog should not be used for the latest information on tropical cyclones around the world and the latest warnings and information should be obtained from your regional tropical experts.

This blog will feature tweets, youtube videos, Facebook updates and anything else of interest I can find about tropical weather. Giving you a lowdown as to what is occurring across the globe.

South West Indian Ocean

Tonight takes us to the south West Indian Ocean with Tropical Storm Ana it has made landfall on Mozambique

The latest from the BBC Weather

A few images and videos starting to emerge

On this day – in 1974 tropical Cyclone Wanda hit Australia.

It brought the worst flooding in a century to Brisbane. 300 mm fell in 24 hours.

More here https://timswww.com.au/the-1974-floods-cyclone-wanda-her-fury/

Thanks for reading any feedback is welcome.

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