Tiree Weather forecast for the 3rd February 2022

Good morning and welcome to our first forecast for the island of Tiree. This has come about following several enquiries to expand the service. We have a number of followers on Tiree. This expansion will not impact or change any of the weather forecasts for the Western Isles at all. At this time I plan to integrate these Tiree weather forecasts alongside the ones for the Western Isles. I will be doing one forecast a day usually in the evening and will be published onto the blog and then shared across the Western Isles weather platform to see how this works. This is an entirely new forecast area for me and a very small island. So please be understanding whilst I learn about the challenges of forecasting for such a small area.

Good morning Tiree on this Thursday morning we are seeing mostly overcast conditions with some light rain and drizzle. It is a mild morning. Winds gusting 20 to 30 mph and an overnight low of 9.1C

Today – A overcast morning mainly a few sunny spells. Some light rain and drizzle. An approaching cold front will bring rain into the afternoon across the island. This will be heavy at times. Slowly clearing into the late afternoon and behind the front, we will see squally wintry showers. Some sleet and snow mixed in. Some of these could be thundery for a time. A mixture of clear skies and squally showers for the evening. Winds of 20 to 40 mph gusting 50 mph. Strongest when the wind direction shifts from the West and South West to the North West when the cold front moves across the island. Temps of 2C to 10C

Friday – A day of brisk winds from the North West around 20 to 40 mph. Sunshine and showers these heavy at times. Occasionally wintry. Temps of 2C to 6C

Saturday and Sunday – More of the same frequent showers. Brisk winds reaching 40 to 50 mph at times 60 mph from the West and North West. Temps of 5C to 9C

Have a great day.

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