Met Office named storms Dudley and Eunice 14th February

Good afternoon, the Met Office has named two storms this week. The first storm Dudely will bring impacts to the Western Isles. At this stage storm, Storm Eunice no warnings have been issued for the Western Isles and is expected to track further South.

In this blog, we are going to take a look at the impacts for both Storms.

First Storm Dudley

The very worst if the winds from Dudley are expected to track to the South of the Western isles but there is a lot of uncertainty at this stage. The Met Office has issued an Amber warning

For the above Amber warning from the Chief forecaster

Very strong westerly winds are expected to develop across western Scotland and northern Northern Ireland late Wednesday and extend eastward across southern Scotland and northern England during the evening. There is still some uncertainty in the timing and location of the strongest winds but there is the potential for inland wind gusts of 70-80 mph in places. Gusts of 80-90 mph are possible around exposed coasts and hills.

The yellow weather warning which covers the Western Isles has been updated and comes into force at 15:00 Wednesday and expires at 18:00 Thursday evening.

Storm Eunice

Even more uncertainty with the track of storm Eunice but expected at this stage to impact the Southern half of the UK.

The Met Office has issued a large weather warning for Friday for this storm

All the latest warnings can be found here

Met Office press release on the two storms

Met Office video on the two storms

Thanks for reading I will do further updates in the coming days.

Please do NOT use Western Isles Weather for the protection of life and property please follow local and national government issued warnings and advice. Please have more than one source for weather information in extreme weather, Such as the Met office and follow any advice and instructions from emergency responders.

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