Monday and week ahead forecast – Changes

Good evening Western Isles on this Sunday evening we are seeing plenty of clear skies some high level cloud. Winds under 10 mph and today’s high of 16.7C

Overnight – Clear skies and some cloud. Some mist and fog in patches. Winds under 20 mph.

Morning and afternoon – Sunshine and cloud. Some decent and prolonged sunshine at times but cloud builds in. Should be dry but the odd scattered shower cannot be ruled out. Winds under 20 mph.

Evening – Fairly overcast with some clear skies., Winds under 20 mph.

Winds will be from the South and South East shifting North East. Temps of 5C to 13C

Sunrise and Sunset

Stornoway – 07:06 and 19:56

South Uist – 07:11 and 20:00

Outlook for the week ahead

Tuesday – Brisk North Easterly winds gusting 30 mph. Feeling chilly. Mainly dry. Temps of 2C to 8C

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – Sleet and snow showers feeling cold some sunny spells. Frosts at night watch your plants. Winds of 10 to 30 mph. Temps of 1C to 8C turning milder on Friday.

Next weekend – becoming milder with rain and showers,.

Have a great evening.

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