The week ahead outlook –

A full week ahead forecast will follow later this evening. But first I thought I would just briefly look at a few discussion points regarding the week ahead.

  • The main theme will continue to be unsettled with rain showers and plenty of cloud.
  • No signs of higher temperatures for this part of the world. A lot of talk of heatwave conditions in the press and hotter weather. This is likely to be in the South for a period of time later in the week. But for us in the islands, there is no sign at this stage of the elusive 20C with a peak of 16C likely to be the max of the week.
  • The most notable weather event of the coming week is a low pressure system moving either close to or across our island from Thursday into Friday. Some quite heavy rainfall totals are shown by computer model runs. Both the EC and GFS are suggesting up to 20 to 25 mm for a 24 hour period up to Friday afternoon. Possibly up to 40 mm for some parts of Harris up to the end of the week. A long way off as yet but keeping my eye on.
  • Wanting more settled weather. There are some hints of more settled weather with high pressure building in later in the weekend and into the early night which would bring us some drier and more settled conditions. A long way off as yet but will keep you updated.

The joys of summer in the North West of Scotland.

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