The Weather Briefing 21st June 2022

Good afternoon and welcome to your latest weather briefing from Western Isles Weather. Today is the Summer Solstice, yesterday was the warmest day of the year so far for Scotland and last night was a wet night for the West Coast of Scotland. This blog is also going to take a look at the upcoming weather for the islands.

Weather Outlook

In this section, we are going to discuss the upcoming weather for the islands in the coming days and at a long range. Wednesday we are likely to see patchy rain and drizzle with a mixture of sunshine and cloud. Some mist and low cloud at times with brisk winds. Winds gusting 30 mph with a high of 16C. Thursday a day of sunshine and cloud. Some rain could edge in the West coast as the day progress but the heaviest of the rain at this stage is expected to stay off shore. Again winds of 10 to 30 mph with a high of 16C. A slow moving frontal system sits to our West.

Moving towards the weekend and there is plenty of uncertainty and low pressure will be the dominating theme. The general consensus from the main forecast models is an area of low pressure close to the North West of the UK feeding in bands of rain and showers across the UK. Heavy showers and the chance of some longer spells of rain at times. In between some decent and prolonged sunshine. Winds gusting 40 mph as well. So yet again another fairly windy weekend. Nothing significant for us but noticeable in the middle of summer.

Next week and beyond. There have been some hints are things becoming more settled and drier as we head towards the end of the month and early July but a long way off as yet. Recent forecast model runs have suggested that next week will see more unsettled weather with more areas of low pressure moving across the UK with the hints of high pressure building not coming to fruition.

Summer Solstice

So we are on the count down back to winter after today with the nights slowly drawing in. It is the same joke that I make every single Summer Solstice. We will still see plenty of blue skies and sunshine and hopefully warmer weather but so far this year the late spring and early summer haven’t been great. We normally have a mixed bag of weather in summer anyway but this year feels worse but has it actually been worse?

One of the indicators that I go for is temperature. We haven’t seen an official 20C day yet during spring and summer so far this year. Quite often we would see a 20C by the end of May, especially at the South Uist site. Since 2015 we have seen 5 out of 7 years 20C happening before the end of May. 2015 was a later year with it being towards the end of August before the first 20C day.

Date of the first 20C of the year at Stornoway Airport and South Uist – as you can see it moves around a lot.

2021 SY 31st May – SU July 23rd

2020 SY 29th May – SU same date

2019 SY 25th July – SU May 28th

2018 SY 27th June – SU May 27th

2017 SY 26th May – SU May 25th

2016 SY 19th July – SU May 9th

2015 SY 23rd Aug – SU same date

We have also seen a lack of sunshine. May 2022 only had 105 hours of sunshine at Stornoway Airport which was just 52% of the long term average.

20th / 21st June rainfall

A Weather front brought rainfall across the Western Isles during the course of Monday into Tuesday. 12 mm of rainfall fell at Tiree and 9.4 mm of rain at South Uist. ( No data currently showing for Stornoway Airport). The 9.4 mm of rainfall at South Uist helped contribute to it being the wettest place in the UK on Monday.

Not significant amount of rainfall by any stretch but adds to the totals and continues the recent spell of dull and unsettled weather we have seen over the last couple of weeks.

Warmest day of the year for Scotland

Scotlands warmest day of the year so far occurred on Monday 20th June with 24.5C being recorded at Aboyne

For us in the Western Isles and Tiree we were in the region of 8/9C cooler. In Stornoway, Tiree and South Uist all in the bottom 6 for the lowest maximum temperatures on Monday.

Thanks to Starlings Roost Weather for the image.

Thanks for reading any feedback is welcome.

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