The Weather Briefing 22nd June 2022

Good afternoon and welcome to your latest weather briefing from Western Isles Weather. Today we are going to take a look at the weather for the rest of this week, the weekend and towards next week for our islands. Highlighting any notable weather or significant weather and looking at the latest trends. We will also be looking at thunderstorm warnings in England. The last 24 hours of weather for our islands and severe hailstorms in France.

Weather Outlook

In this section, we are going to discuss the upcoming weather for the islands in the coming days and at a long range. Thursday we are going to see an another overcast with patchy rain and drizzle. Mist low cloud and fog in places. Some sunny spells. With winds gusting 10 to 30 mph. Low pressure forms to the West of our islands on Thursday and low pressure will be the main theme of the weekend’s weather. On Friday an elongated area of low pressure will bring spells of rain to the Western Isles and Tiree. This will be heavy at times. Still some uncertainty on the exact position of the low pressure system. It will still be a fairly mild day. A whole heap of uncertainty with this weekend. It will very much depend on the position of the low pressure system. At the moment we are expecting to see sunshine and showers some decent and prolonged sunshine with variable amounts of cloud with winds gusting 40 mph. Next week and it is a long way off as yet but once again it looks like areas of low pressure will feed in further spells of rain and showers across the UK. Keeping the unsettled theme for us across our islands.

Last 24 hours

We had no weather extremes in the past 24 hours of note. Stornoway, South Uist and Tiree were all back in the bottom 10 for the lowest maximum temperature on Tuesday.

Thanks to Starlings Roost Weather for the image.

Cloud, mist, and fog were the main theme of the day on Tuesday. Tiree added another 2 mm of rainfall to the monthly total overnight Monday into Tuesday. Winds were light and temperatures were in the mid teens with little or no sunshine.


Away from our current weather, the Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for Thunderstorms for England and Wales for Tuesday. See the Met Office website or app for the very latest.


In France, they have had some severe thunderstorms which have brought torrential hail.

Thanks for reading any feedback is welcome.

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