The Weather Briefing 27th June 2022

Good afternoon and welcome to your latest weather briefing from Western Isles Weather. I hope you all had a good weekend. In this edition of the weather briefing, we take a look at the rest of this week’s weather and into next week for the islands. Plus a long range view. A Met Office rainfall warning, as well as things, are picking up in the tropics we take a look at the latest.

Weather Outlook

In this section, we will discuss the upcoming weather for the islands in the coming days and at a long range. Unfortunately, there is more rain on the way. Tuesday will see bands of rain moving across the islands. Heaviest for Uist and Barra as well as Tiree. The rain will be slow moving in association with areas of low pressure. Winds of 20 to 40 mph again strongest for the aforementioned places. Wednesday some overnight rain but as low pressure clears away we are going to see a few scattered showers but mainly becoming fine and dry with some decent and prolonged sunshine. Feeling warm. Low pressure that had dominated our weather slowly drifts away. Thursday starts off fine and dry with plenty of sunshine. An area of low pressure moves across the UK and will eventually bring some rain to the Western isles and Tiree later in the day. This will be heavy and has a chance of being thundery in nature. Friday and a slack pressure pattern with shallow areas of low pressure. We are likely to see a day of sunshine and cloud for our islands. Some of these showers heavy at times. But there is still a degree of uncertainty if the showers will reach us. The worst of the rain could stay well to our south. Next weekend and some differences between the two main forecast models the GFS keeps conditions fine and dry with brisk winds. The EC keeps things unsettled with further spells of rain and brisk winds.

Last Weekend

In this section of the blog we take a look back at the weather for either the last 24 hours or over the weekend. This past weekend saw Stornoway record its highest temperature of the year so far with 17.1C at the Airport. As well as 17.6 hours of sunshine being recorded. Tiree recorded 11.7 hours of sunshine with a high of 16C and other 9.6 mm of rain helping to keep Tiree neck and neck with South Uist as one of the wettest places in the UK this June. Tiree also had 45 mph winds over the wind. Fairly strong for this time of year. South Uist over the weekend recorded another 26.6 mm of rainfall and had a high of 17.6C on Friday.

Rainfall total for South Uist so far for June. Thanks to Roost Weather for this image

Weather News

In this final section of the blog we take a look at other aspects of the weather across the UK and around the globe.

Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for rainfall for South West Scotland for Tuesday

For the very latest on the warning please see the Met Office website or app.

The Western Isles and Tiree will see rainfall from the event but the worst of it will be in the area under the warning.

Into the tropical Atlantic far from the UK we have several areas of interest for possible tropical storm development maybe even a hurricane. The next name on that list is Bonnie.

Thanks for reading any feedback is welcome.

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