The Weather Briefing – Wednesday 29th June 2022

Good afternoon and welcome to the Weather briefing from Western Isles and Tiree Weather. We take a look at the upcoming weather for the Western Isles and Tiree for the rest of this week, the weekend, and at a long range.

So Tuesday was a wet day across the islands with blustery winds once more. Today has seen lighter winds so far with some sunshine but still, a few scattered occasionally heavy showers around.

Thursday across the Northern half of the UK shallow areas of low pressure will bring further spells of rain and showers with some sunny spells. A shallow area of low pressure will also feed further showers across the islands. Despite the showers, we will still see some sunshine at times. Some decent and prolonged sunshine in the breaks in the cloud. Winds of 10 to 30 mph. Temps of 10C to 16C

Friday – Another low pressure dominated day across the islands. First, an area of low pressure system will move across Orkney and Shetland. Another area of low pressure will push towards the Western Isles and Tiree bringing further spells of rain and showers. The showers will be heavy at times. Some sunshine but plenty of cloud. Some of the heaviest rain will push into Tiree, Uist, and Barra during the evening. Winds under 20 mph. Temps of 11C to 15C

Saturday – The above mentioned low pressure system will be slow moving across our islands on Saturday. Resulting in further spells of rain and drizzle. Plenty of cloud with some sunshine at times. Most of the rain at this stage is expected to clear out by late morning. Winds under 20 mph and temps of 11C to 15C

Sunday – A day of brisk winds on Sunday for the Western Isles and Tiree as low pressure sits well to our North during the day. We are going to see a day of sunshine and cloud with some scattered showers. Some decent spells of sunshine. Occasionally heavy showers but for most, it should stay dry. Winds of 10 to 35 mph and Temps of 11C to 16C

Long range – So looking ahead to next week and the big difference is high pressure will start to build in from the South West. Now the early half of the week is likely to see spells of rain and drizzle but if the high pressure builds in enough towards the end of the week we could see more settled and drier weather with lighter winds. Important for Tiree Music Festival which is on next week. The main thing to say at this stage is next week is a long way off as yet in weather. But the signs at this stage are more positive of more settled weather. We should have more of a firmer idea towards the end of this week.

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