Tiree Music Festival forecast number 1

Good morning and welcome to the first festival forecast since 2019. Usually, I cover EDF on Benbecula and Hebridean Celtic Festival on Lewis. This year I will be doing all 3. So first is the Tiree Music Festival which runs from the 8th to the 10th of July. We will be doing forecast updates for the 7th and 11th of July as well. I will be doing daily updates these will either be first thing in the morning or in the early afternoon.

So in the first update, I will be looking at the trends and how things are looking rather than going into in depth specifics for each day. I know we all want blue skies and sunshine with enough of a breeze to keep the midges away. But it is Scotland after all!

So the main trend for this coming week is high pressure building across the UK. Now, this is key for how things will play out for the coming week. Depending on the placement of the high pressure will determine how settled the weather becomes. Even with high pressure in place, we can still see small areas of low pressure cropping up or areas of low pressure moving around the high pressure. Which can bring in rain and cloud.

So at this stage Thursday and Friday are looking settled with plenty of cloud sunshine at times and breezy with a risk of light rain and drizzle. But mainly staying dry. Into the weekend and more of the same but winds easing but we could see some rain moving in later in the day but there is a chance this stays to the North. Saturday looks the best day at this stage for Sunshine. Sunday looks like the greater risk of seeing rain but again the placement of the high pressure will be key. The Monday is looking more unsettled with high pressure declining away.

I will do another updated on Monday.

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