Tiree Music Festival forecast number 6

Good afternoon and welcome to the sixth TMF forecast. We are doing forecasts until next Monday. We will be doing daily updates either first thing in the morning or in the afternoon with the very latest for that day.

Friday – It’s going to be another largely overcast day for Friday with spells of light rain and drizzle. Mist and low cloud at times. Some sunny spells at times. Winds of 10 to 30 mph from the West and North West. Temps of 11C to 16C and pollen will be high today.

Saturday – Still plenty of cloud on Saturday but we are expecting to see more in the way of sunshine. Some mist and low cloud with some drizzle at times. The best of the sunshine is expected into the evening. Winds will be from the West and North West under 20 mph. Temps of 11C to 17C

Sunday – More of the same we are expecting to see a day of sunshine and cloud with some light rain and drizzle. Some decent spells of sunshine again. Feeling warm. Winds under 20 mph from the South and South West. Temps of 12C to 19C

Monday – again overcast with spells of rain and drizzle. Winds will be from the South East around 10 to 30 mph. Temps of 12C to 17C

Have a great time if you are going to the festival I will do further updates during the course of the weekend. The next update will be on Saturday.

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