EDF ( Eilean Dorcha Festival) forecast number 1

Hello and welcome to the final festival forecast for 2022. This time it’s the EDF festival on the isle of Benbecula. We will be doing forecasts for each day of the festival which starts on Thursday. These updates will either be posted first thing in the morning or early afternoon.

In this first blog post, we are going to look at the trends and how things are looking for each day of the festival from tomorrow we will go more in depth with the forecast for each day.

So Thursday and Friday are looking fine and dry with sunshine and cloud. Still more cloud than we would like to see but the best of the sunshine looks set to be on Thursday afternoon. Saturday there is a lot of uncertainty at this stage as to how wet it might get but we might see some heavy rain moving across the island. It’s looking overcast as well on Saturday. Winds largely under 20 mph. Temps of 11C to 16C so about average for this time of year.

The next update will be out Tuesday morning.

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