EDF ( Eilean Dorcha Festival) forecast number 5

Hello and welcome to our latest EDF forecast. Last night was the first night of music and there is more today. So in this blog, we will examine the weather for the rest of today and tomorrow.

Friday – It Will be a mixed day of sunshine and cloud. The cloud will largely dominate for the festival with some sunshine at times. Some decent spells of sunshine where the cloud breaks but we are expecting the cloud to be quite stubborn. Some patchy light rain and drizzle and the odd scattered shower cannot be ruled on but on the whole, it should be dry. Winds under 20 mph from variable directions. Temps of 12C to 16C

Saturday – Looks like being a really wet and windy day for the last day of the festival. We are expecting to see rounds of rain heavy at times sweeping across the island. Becoming showery during the later afternoon and evening. Some sunny spells in the breaks in the cloud but staying largely cloudy. Winds of 20 to 40 mph with some gusts reaching 50 mph are possible from the South East. Temps of 12C to 18C

I hope you have a fantastic time if you are attending this weekend and the next update will be tomorrow morning.

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