Wednesday 14th September forecast for the Western Isles

Good evening Western Isles on this Tuesday evening we are seeing a mixture of clear skies and cloud. Some drizzle and low cloud. Winds under 20 mph. Today’s high of 14.3C

As high pressure dominates across the Western Isles weather conditions are fairly settled at the moment and not too much to report on with today’s weather. Certainly worth making the most of as things will eventually change as autumn progresses.

Wednesday – forecast for the Western Isles and general synopsis.

High pressure still sits out to the West of Scotland on Wednesday. We will see a North Westerly airflow across our islands. A few things to note on this chart is the broad area of low pressure at 993 mb was hurricane Earl and continues to swirl around mid Atlantic. Off the coast of Portugal there is another area of low pressure and this was at one stage hurricane Danielle. We are currently at the peak of hurricane season and these systems can have an influence on our weather so I do like to keep an eye on these systems. You can see all of the above on the pressure chart below.

Overnight – Plenty of cloud with spells of rain and drizzle. Heavy at times. Some low cloud in places. Winds under 20 mph.

Morning and afternoon – Sunshine and cloud. Some decent spells of sunshine. Some lingering drizzle will clear. A few scattered showers. Winds under 20 mph.

Evening – Sunshine and cloud before sunset with scattered showers. These occasionally heavy at times. Winds under 20 mph.

Winds will be from the West and North West. Temps of 8C to 15C

Sunrise and Sunset

Stornoway – 06:52 and 19:49

South Uist – 06:57 and 19:52


As we move towards the end of the week and the weekend things will turn cooler. This is highlighted by the chart below from the upper atmosphere which highlights the cooler air. This is not ground level temperature but the blues indicated cooler air. The image comes from WX charts and is the 12Z ECMWF model run.

Thursday – Sunshine and showers. These heavy at times. Winds of 10 to 25 mph from the North West. Temps of 8C to 15C cooler in the early morning and late evenings.

Friday – Overcast with scattered showers. Feeling cool in the Northerly winds. Temps of 7C to 14C

Saturday – Overcast with some rain and showers. Winds of 10 to 25 mph. Temps of 9C to 15C

Sunday – Sunshine and cloud. A few scattered showers but mostly dry. Winds under 20 mph. Again from the North West. Temps of 9C to 15C

Longe range – Looking longer range and we are likely to see a fairly high pressure dominated end to the month. We will still see spells of rain at times. But looks mainly settled. Of course, things will change and I will keep you updated.

Have a great evening

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