Week ahead Weather for the Western Isles 18th September

Good afternoon in this blog we are going to take a look at the week ahead for the Western Isles as well as taking a look at the trends.

So the past week has been fairly settled across the Western Isles with a mixture of sunshine and cloud. Chilly and light winds.

Monday – We are going to see a largely cloud dominated day with some light rain and drizzle. Some sunshine at times. Winds will be under 20 mph but we will see a milder day then off later across the islands as milder air moves in. Temps reaching 16C

Tuesday – high pressure declines away further. We are going to see spells of rain heavy at times. Some showers. Winds will also increase gusting 20 to 30 mph from the South West with temps possibly reaching 17C

Wednesday – The computer models have been highlighting a wet day across our islands on Wednesday. This is highlighted by the chart below from WX charts highlighting the 24 hour rainfall totals from midnight Wednesday until Midnight Thursday

The heaviest of the rain we are expecting to see during the later afternoon and into the evening. Some places could see between 20 to 30 mm of rainfall. This will accompanied by strengthening winds gusting 40 to 45 mph I would not be surprised if we saw some places reaching 50 mph.

Thursday – We are expecting to see a day of sunshine and showers these will be heavy at times along with brisk winds gusting 20 to 40 mph. Some decent spells of sunshine in the breaks in the cloud.

Friday – High pressure builds back in from the West and once again we find ourselves in a North Westerly airflow with light winds along with sunshine and showers. Wind under 30 mph.

Next weekend – More of the same for Saturday with high pressure in charge, sunshine and cloud with rain and drizzle at times. Winds under 20 mph. Sunday an area of low pressure is expected to move in with spells of rain and showers heavy at times with winds gusting 40 mph.

For the last week of September, we are expecting high pressure to anchored off the South West of the UK bringing areas of low pressure across the Western Isles keeping conditions unsettled. Lots of uncertainty at this stage but I will keep you updated.

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