Thursdays forecast – Sunshine and showers

Good evening Western Isles on this Wednesday evening we are seeing rain moving across the Western Isles this is heavy in places with plenty of cloud. Winds gusting 40 mph. The Met Office site at South Uist has recorded 23 mm of rain. Laxdale on Harris has recorded 33 mm since this morning.

Wednesday across our islands was a wet and blustery day. The top wind speed was 47 mph at the Met Office site in South Uist and the highest official rainfall total I have seen so far is 33 mm as mentioned above but there is a chance some locations recorded closer to 40 mm but that is just going off rainfall estimates on accumulation.

Thursday – The cold front clears away from the North West of the UK which in its wake we are going to see showery conditions. One thing to notice is tropical storm Gaston which is on the Surface pressure chart for Thursday. This won’t directly impact the UK as high pressure keeps it well south of the UK and it will meander around the North Atlantic.

Overnight – We are going to see heavy rain moving across the Western Isles. This will be heavy but clearing away as the night progress. Cloud will slowly break to a mixture of clear skies and cloud by sunrise. Winds of 10 to 30 mph.

Morning and afternoon – Some decent and prolonged sunshine. Variable amounts of cloud. Showers which will be heavy at times. Some parts will stay dry. Winds of 10 to 25 mph.

Evening – Sunshine and cloud with a few scattered showers. Clear skies after sunset. Winds of under 20 mph.

Winds will be from the West and temps of 8C to 16C

Sunrise and Sunset

Stornoway – 07:09 and 19:26

South Uist – 07:14 and 19:30


Friday and Saturday – Sunshine and cloud. Scattered showers. Winds under 20 mph from the North West. Temps of 7C to 15C

Sunday – Dry start but rain moves in later in the day. Winds increasing gusting 40 to 50 mph. Temps of 8C to 15C

Monday – Feeling colour on Monday with rain and showers. There is a slight chance some of these could be wintry ( sleet) and yes its September. Winds will be from the North West around 20 to 40 mph with temps of 4C to 15C

Have a great evening

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