Weekend forecast for the Western Isles 22nd September 2022

Good afternoon Western Isles and welcome to your weekend forecast for the Western Isles. In this blog, we examine each day for the next 4 days. We use, Tweets, Images or graphics to highlight the weather and at the end, we will take a look at the longer range forecast.

This Thursday we have seen the cold front clear away from the Western Isles with plenty of sunshine and a few scattered showers.


So from the Met Office surface Pressure chart below for Friday we can see the cold front way to the South East. High pressure building across the UK. The flow of air across the Western Isles will be from the West and North West and finally, you can see tropical Storm Gaston almost trapped by high pressure well to the South on this image.

For us in the Western Isles, it will be a similar feel to many days we saw last week. Sunshine and cloud with light winds. Feeling cool. We will also see some rain and showers these will be heavy in places. Winds under 20 mph from the West and North West. Temps of 8C to 14C


We are expecting Saturday to be similar to Friday. Again we are on the periphery of the high pressure and we will see a day of sunshine and cloud. More cloud on Saturday than Friday. Scattered showers which will occasionally be heavy. Winds under 20 mph from the North West. Temps of 8C to 15C


For Sunday high pressure declines away as highlighted on this Surface pressure chart from the Met Office below. A complex area of low pressure sits far to the North but its it will influence our weather on Sunday. Tight isobars and a cold front will bring wind and rain.

I am not expecting at this stage anything too severe from this system with a fairly dry start to the day with plenty of cloud. Heavy rain will move in during the afternoon and evening along with strengthening winds gusting 40 to 45 mph with some gusts reaching 50 mph in some exposed coastal areas. The rain will ease as the evening progresses but the strong winds will linger on into Monday.


We are going to see a colder feeling day with a colder airmass moving across the North of Scotland. Sunday’s low pressure upon exiting to the East we will see colder air coming down from the North.

There is some uncertainty yet but for us in the Western Isles, it’s going to be a day of sunshine and cloud with scattered showers. These heavy at times. I wouldn’t rule out some of them being wintry. Winds of 20 to 40 mph. Again a fair amount of uncertainty about how strong the winds get. The winds will be from the North and North West and Temps of 4C to 12C

The colder air is highlighted on this chart from the WX Charts website and is the ECMWF model run for Monday evening. Please note this is upper atmosphere temperature but gives you an idea of the colder airmass.

Long range – Looking further ahead into next week and the pattern really is high pressure to the South West of the UK. North Westerly winds for us with showers and longer spells of rain at times.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading. You can support me and Western Isles weather here https://ko-fi.com/westernislesweather

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