Week ahead forecast for the Western Isles 25th September

Good afternoon Western Isles strengthening winds across the islands during with rain moving in. It’s to be a theme of the upcoming week’s weather and in this blog, I will give you a preview of the week’s weather. This will be supplemented with charts and graphics.

Great tweets from Gisueppe Petricca highlighting the front and and colder air.

Monday –

As highlighted by the Met Office surface pressure chart we are going to see a strong North Westerly airflow across the UK. We will see much colder airmass across the North of Scotland so it will feel much colder than of late. In the Western Isles we will see plenty of cloud with rain and showers. These heavy at times. Winds of 20 to 40 mph from the North West. Temps of 6C to 11C but it will feel colder in the wind chill.


So on Tuesday we are in a sandwich across the UK with high pressure across the Atlantic and low pressure moving down Southwards across the North sea which will keep the cooler air across Scotland. For us in the the Western Isles we are going to see rain and showers with plenty of cloud. Winds of 20 to 40 mph from the North West easing under 20 mph by the end of the day. Temps of 6C to 13C

Wednesday and Thursday

A little bit of uncertainty for the middle of next week. But pressure will increase and winds that dominated the early half of the week will ease. For us in the Western Isles we are going to see a mixture of sunshine and showers. Heavy at times. Winds under 20 mph from the North and North West shifting South West later in the day on Thursday. Temps of 8C to 14C

Friday and Saturday

There is a lot of uncertainty with the end of the week at the moment and the exact placement of the areas of low pressure and how strong winds will get but we are likely to see heavy rain and blustery winds. The strongest of the winds gusting 50 to possibly 60 mph. So either this weekend but more likely next weekend we could see our first 60 mph of the season. It will very much depend on low pressure systems. Both the main models the GFS and ECMWF show a deep area of low pressure moving across our islands and the GFS keeps it further North but the ECMWF has it further south keeping the worst of the winds to our South. But I am keeping an eye on it and will keep you updated.

Below is the ECMWF chart for Friday this is from the 00Z model run and is just one model run and not a forecast and comes from WX Charts

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