Friday’s forecast – Rain and showers

Good morning Western Isles on this Friday morning we are seeing rain and showers moving across the Western Isles. Heavy in places with plenty of could and some clear skies. There was plenty of thunderstorm activity to the West of Lewis late last night did you see or hear anything? Let me know in the comments below. The overnight low of 6.2C and yesterday’s high was 13C and this morning winds are gusting 30 mph.

So for Friday, we remain in an unsettled and showery weather pattern where low pressure dominates. This will be a theme across the weekend and into early next week but from Tuesday onwards at least for a few days, things look to become much more settled. A lot of uncertainties with this weekend’s forecast as its a rather messy picture with the location and placement of areas of low pressure and what impact they will have on our weather.

Friday – We are going to see a day of sunshine and showers in the brisk wind. These showers will be heavy at times with some of the showers merging into longer spells of rain. In between some decent spells of sunshine. Not everyone will see showers but where they do they will be heavy and at times thundery. Under a mixture of clear skies and cloud this evening we are likely to see temperatures drop into mid single figures. Winds will be from the West and South West and shifting Southerly to end the day around 10 to 30 mph. Temps of 5C to 11C

Saturday – Overnight Friday into Saturday will see some spells of rain heavy at times with winds gusting 40 mph. Into Saturday itself and we are going to see a day of sunshine and showers once again these will be heavy at times with winds gusting 25 mph. We could see some further heavy rain as we move overnight into Sunday but there is some uncertainty as yet and most of the heavy rain could miss us. Winds will be from the South West and South with temps of 6C to 11C

Sunday – A broad area of low pressure will slowly clear away on Sunday we could see some stronger wind gusts early on Sunday morning gusting 40 mph. With some rain and showers. Into Sunday a day of sunshine and showers but these fairly well scattered compared to the previous few days. Another area of low pressure is expected to move up from the South on Sunday and will likely bring further rain to the Western isles to end the day Sunday. Winds will be from variable directions and temps of 6C to 12C

Monday – Likely to be another wet and windy day across our islands as low pressure once again moves across the Western Isles. Further rounds of heavy rain with some sunshine at times. Winds gusting 40 to 50 mph possibly reaching 60 mph. Winds will be from the South and South West at times shifting South East. Temps of 8C to 13C. Will be able to go into more detail about the strong winds for Monday over the weekend.

Have a great day.

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