The weather Ramble 20th November

Good evening all. Things for joining me for this weather ramble. Just a blog about the weather. It can be in our islands. The UK or the world.

I have written a forecast this evening for Monday and the week ahead which can be found on this blog below this update.

We have seen a bit of a chilly evening with temps dropping down to 3C but already recovering at Stornoway to 5C

The first thing that has caught my attention this evening is the Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for winds for Monday in the South West of the UK an area known for getting some strong winds off the Atlantic. They do highlight some uncertainty in the tweet about the warning

It looks like the very worst of the winds will stay offshore – 80 mph is possible which is quite something. One to watch for sure

From the USA and some parts of Buffalo have seen 77 inches of snow. Some of the footage has been utterly insane to witness. This link below has some great coverage

One heck of a snowstorm

Thanks for reading

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