Tuesday’s forecast – Showers, dry the rain.

Good evening Western Isles on this Monday evening we are seeing a mixture of sunshine and showers with light rain across Barra. Some of these showers are heavy in places. Plenty of cloud with some decent sunny spells. Winds under 20 mph. 

Overnight – Another fairly overcast night with some showers. These well scattered but could become heavy at times. Some clear skies again these are expected to be fairly short lived. Winds of 0 to 15 mph. 

Morning – Mainly places will be dry but a few scattered showers around and occasionally these will be heavy and a mixture of sunshine and cloud. Winds of 0 to 20 mph. 

Afternoon – Rain will push into the Uists and Barra. Heavy becoming heavy at times. Cloud will increase into all parts.  Winds of 0 to 20 mph. 

Evening – The rain will become heavier across the Uists and Barra for a time. however, there is some uncertainty as to how north it will get it with some rain moving into Lewis and Harris. The cloud will dominate. Not all parts of Lewis and Harris and for some, it will be a dry but overcast evening. Winds of 0 to 20 mph. 

Winds will be from the South West and temps of 7C to 16C

Sunrise and Sunset

Stornoway – 04:56 and 22:06
South Uist – 05:06 and 22:05

3 days ahead

Wednesday – Overcast with further rain light winds. 

Thursday – Overnight rain drier and brighter later with plenty of sunshine. 

Friday – fine and dry with sunshine and cloud light winds. 

Have a great evening.